A versatile artist, his career spanned various disciplines: painter, draughtsman, engraver, sculptor, as well as enamel, origami, fashion, book illustration, scenography and costume design for ballet, theatre and cinema. In the 1920s, he settled in Paris and made visits to Biarritz. Within a classicism with a Mannerist style in the colour and form, poetic composition and grisaille painting, in a metaphysical and idyllic setting typical of a place of dreams, Arcadia. Recreating childhood in the late summer and early autumn, the grape harvest, the pumpkin, with Mediterranean and Catalan Noucentista aesthetics with characters linked to work in the fields, were the focus of scenes like this one from 1931, where everything is identified even the dog, named “Colom”. A period of great international dissemination and work, in the same year he received the title of “Grand Chevalier de l’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur” in France.

Year 1931

Oil on wood

52x100 cm

Mariano Andreu, 1888 - 1976