Genre painting with great attention to detail and in the precious style, the brushwork is traditional of gallant classicist painting that we also see in Fragonard and Wateau. We see the theme of modernity in the new protagonists, the inspiration of Paris nightlife and the amusement offered by the urban setting and leisure. The style and realistic, fresh and descriptive aesthetic, delighting in the garments of silk and satin, the detail of the anecdote and the accessories. The new representations around the bourgeoisie to satisfy demand of this same bourgeoisie, to entertain them in the salons, the shows and parties and masquerade balls. With a close relationship to Spanish artists in Paris, Francesc Miralles, Romà Ribera and Federico de Madrazo, he worked for the internationally renowned art dealer Adolphe Goupil, a major figure collecting the tastes of the Belle Èpoque.

Year 1886

Oil on canvas

136,5x81 cm

Josep Masriera Manovens