A Baroque painter, his religious work remains rooted in the context of the traditional Baroque style, characterised by a sensual, theatrical, emphatic aesthetic and warm colours. Realistic language, charged with emotion and religiousness.
Citing the book and catalogue by Dr Francesc Milalpeix i Vilamala, Antoni Viladomat i Manalt 1678-1755 – Vida i obra, “this is a late painting by the painter, with a refinement of the face of Saint Joseph that heralds a decidedly Rococo aesthetic”. The most common means of access to the figurative culture of European influence for most painters and sculptors of the modern period were prints, plates, etchings and engravings.

Year 1730 - 1740

Oil on canvas

116x92 cm. Oval

Antoni Viladomat, 1678 - 1755