The predella of the Sant Miquel de Prats retable is composed of five panels with scenes from the Passion of Christ. Conventional representation on the part closest to the altar table and the tabernacle. Decisive moments are depicted such as the Arrest of Jesus, Christ before Pilate, Crucifixion, Piety and the tomb of Jesus. Considering the chronology, the retable is in the Late Gothic style, with high quality and rich pigments and gold that embellish the piece and attest to the importance of the commissioners. The depiction leans towards classicising cultural formulas in the figurative typologies, in the proportion of the human figure and compositions. A pictorial exponent of La Seu d’Urgell and Alta Ribagorça, the artists draw on their own style, influenced by the trends of the Italian and Nordic High Renaissance. They demonstrate their broad pictorial and graphic culture, in knowing how to assimilate and echo the developments in drawing and composition from the Italian Raphaelite works, from engravings by Marcoantonio Raimondi, featuring figures that are more Italian in appearance and richer in the range of clothing, in symbiosis with the Nordic Flemish and German engravings, chiefly the visionary world of Albrecht Dürer or Martin Schongauer.

Year 1537

Tempera, red pigment preparation, gold on pine.

66x177 cm

Miquel Ramells (pintor) i Guy Borgonyó (daurador)