Portrait of Joaquin Dicenta is an unsigned and undated work by the artist. The head of the masculine figure stands out against a dark background thanks to a powerful light effect. A virtuoso draughtsman, Ramon Casas manages to convey the vigour and personality of the figure through the expression of his gaze, the modelling and sharpness of his facial features. The rest of the body is created with loose, blurred and more modern brushstrokes. The painter’s medium was hessian canvas, as in the portrait of King Alfonso XIII in 1904, for the portrait of his friend, Madrid intellectual Joaquin Dicenta, famous playwright, writer and poet, whose plays were performed on stage and who won a Lope de Vega Award. Trusted friends, a photograph shows that this painting hung in Ramon Casas’ studio in Madrid. It was later returned to the playwright’s family and then sold at auction.

Year 1905

Oil on burlap

54x46 cm

Ramon Casas, 1866 - 1932