A painter of military scenes, chronicler of his time and disseminator of military culture due to his fascination for the army and military materials, particularly horses and cavalry detachments. This depiction of cavalry manoeuvres offers a symmetrical precision in its composition and sense of rhythm and movement to suggest the mass of riders, with the use of an aerial or atmospheric perspective. The careful technique and his ability to draw, horses especially, allow for movement in space and volume, similar to an ideal pictorial photograph, typical of the latter half of the 19th century. He was a cavalry commander and had won medals and recognition for his bravery, which he combined with his artistic side. On his trips to Paris, he trained at the studios of Detaille, a painter specialising in military subjects, and Neuville, where he became acquainted with the work of Meissonier. In 1882, he left the army and, in 1886, he was commissioned to illustrate La vida militar en España.

Year 1902

Oil on canvas

50x100,5 cm

Josep Cusachs Cusachs, 1851 - 1908