Figurative composition representing a girl and a black cat, in a terrace or garden, possibly at the villa in Honfleur where the painter lived. Emili Grau Sala has a very colourful series on “children”, where the compositions of the pictorial spaces are a of a strong colour pallet. The quick, broad and thick brushstrokes, the elements outlined by dark tones in colour or black, make for a very expressive painting without abandoning the lyrical and harmonious depiction of the scene. His is an idealised and lyrical aesthetic, which he develops in his painting as well as in his work as a set designer and illustrator. In 1936, he married Ángeles Santos Torroella who was also a painter. In 1937, they had a son, the future painter Julián Grau Santos.

Oil on card

55x46 cm

Emili Grau Sala, 1911 - 1975